Matt Chase


Location: Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada
Interests: Canoeing, fishing, archery, hunting, camping, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing
Hunts: White Tail Deer and Ruffed Grouse
Fishes: Brook Trout
Weapons of Choice: Paddles, Rods, & Arrows

For as long as I can remember I have been tramping around the outdoors and getting into any activities that allowed me to stay out longer. My younger years of blazing trails with a hatchet transitioned into hunting pop cans with BB guns and, eventually onto small game with Dad’s 22. Little did I know, that these increasingly challenging pursuits, would help shape the outdoorsman I am today.

Since that time I have hunted and fished for various different species with a variety of different tactics. I survived University where I majored in Forestry and met Grant. I have canoed Whitewater Rivers on numerous day expeditions and told many stories around wilderness campfires. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these skills, nor have I tried them all, but I look forward to sharing past experiences and invite you along for an exciting road ahead with Maritime Out of Doors.

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