Salmon Success in Newfoundland

A Thursday morning in the office quickly turned into an evening on the river when a coworker came to me brandishing a calendar and a camera. He showed me today’s date on the calendar with a black cartoon fish beside it and a photo of himself with three salmon on his fingers. “Last time the calendar showed this, I got these.” was all he said.

I have never put a lot of stock in suggested “best days” for outings based on the moon phase but his photographic evidence had me home packing waders and a rod into the bed of his truck. The plan was to drive up to  Cormack, NL and hike 45 minutes up the Humber River to Cabin Pool.

Upon arriving at the pool it was clear to us that the water was high and the pool had expanded in size. We knew this because there were fish breaching — everywhere! We made a plan to go above the pool and work our way down both sides of the run.

After a couple hours of fish jumping all around us my coworker suggested I move toward him somewhat as he could see a fish between us that was rising towards my fly. I took a couple steps toward him and cast my line in such a manner that it would drift over the area he indicated. The fish took my Blue Charm with a Squirrel tail much the same way a trout would. She tugged on it a couple times before I rose my rod to set the hook. She stayed on the bottom and didn’t budge. Only when I made my way toward shore did she begin to run. My reel screamed as I persuaded her towards a shoal where my coworker was waiting with a net.

At 60cm and 5.5lbs she was definitely worth one of my tags. We hooked and lost another fish each that evening before trekking back to the truck. You can bet that the next time my calendar has a black cartoon fish on it I will be headed to the river!


Cabin Pool, Upper Humber River, NL


About genoandchase

I have two jobs. I'm a full-time forester in Southern New Brunswick, and I'm a full-time outdoorsmen. I love being deep in the Canadian wilderness.

3 responses to “Salmon Success in Newfoundland”

  1. henrygiles says :

    Nice story – funnily enough I have had that experience of salmon taking a Blue Charm (a fav fly, I caught my first-ever salmon on one I had tied myself). A couple of tugs, or jags or nibbles, then solid. Fish on, the best feeling. I blog at Henry’s Salmon Adventure (google!), Shall follow you.

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    • maritimeoutofdoors says :

      Thanks for the comment Henry. Checked out your most recent post, are you an NB fisherman? Matt’s been lucky over there on the rock…me not so much here in NB…3 years and counting!


      • henrygiles says :

        Hi! I fished the Miramichi in 2012 (back in the blog archives!) and am returning for my second visit next month. SW Miramichi and a good bit on the Cains. Looking 4ward, and with better reports of fish-runs this year, of course. Best Henry


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